Mobile Website Optimization

23Is your website responsive to different devices? Your customers can’t be in front of their desktop computers all the time. When they need information right now, they don’t rush to turn on their pc to find out the answer. Many of the people nowadays shop not only at the comfort of their homes, but also when they are riding the bus or train, grabbing a snack in a cafe, or sunbathing at the beach. So it is considered necessary for websites to be responsive to different devices.

If your website has a responsive design, you should be looking at search engine optimization to increase your sales even more. There are plenty of websites designed to respond to different devices but still losing sales. What do you think is the reason behind this?

There are many reasons why customers using their phones or devices abandon some websites they visited. If it takes more than 15 seconds to add an item to the cart, it is most likely abandoned. This shows that the mobile website is not optimized accordingly.

When most of your sales come from your website, you need to give more attention in making it user friendly. Almost every website nowadays are responsive to different devices but aren’t optimized to improve user’s experience. How important is it to optimize your website aside from the fact that it affects user experience? In due course, you will lose sales. Almost everyone is on mobile nowadays, so you need to start thinking on how to cater mobile users.

Remember that web traffic is necessary to be successful in online marketing. Every website owner should be aware of the website’s traffic stats. You might not earn much at first, but the higher the traffic that your website gets the higher conversion rates it will give you. According to research, about half of web traffic today is from mobile users. It is higher compared to desktop computer users. Thus, you need to get your mobile site manageable and friendly for mobile users.

Desktop computer users are different compared to mobile users, in terms of how they behave. Desktop computers give you the whole page in a large screen. Texts and articles can be read easily. However, for mobile users, they tend to be more interested in visual media. They use their mobile phones for social activities like sharing the pictures and videos they have seen and watched. It is easier and faster. Your website can also attract more traffic as long as it has an optimized design.

Mobile websites optimized for search engine optimization offer a more satisfying experience for their customers. Your desktop site might be a favorite of many customers, but they choose the services of a different site because they can’t manage to get to your website through their phones. It is not a surprise that many people move between devices to get their shopping done. When both your desktop and mobile site is optimized properly, you will gain a customer’s trust.

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