Four Common Firm Website Mistakes

Creating a business website, especially if it is for businesses as delicate as law firms, extra precautions must be done. You don’t want to have your law firm be misunderstood by many just because of the wrong decision you made for your business website.

law-firm-websiteWhen it comes to creating an impressive law firm website design, there are many mistakes that you must avoid doing. Better be aware of these than regret later. Remember that to some, first impressions actually last!

  1. Having so many things going on with your website is a big no! Too many color input, decorations everywhere, inconsistent font, to many panels on every side, and other things that you must have thought on putting on your website first are a big no especially if these are not that essential for a law firm website. Business websites must look organized and professional unless you are running a party supply company. If you have a lot of things going on your website, your online visitors would really be confused on what you want to tell them about your law firm and the specification of the services that you provide.
  2. On the other hand, being too minimalist on your website is also a big mistake you can do. Although minimalism on website designs is now a massive trend because of the modern vibe it gives, overdoing it will make your website look almost empty. It is like you are offering them food with no taste. Minimalist websites work well when done the right way. It is crucial that your website content has everything you need to highlight your law firm. What you would need the most are: A good home page with a summary of your services and brand image and a strong tagline on why they should choose your firm, an About Us page with details about your firm’s history and you and your team’s specialization, Services page that tackles what you can offer, and a Contact Us page where visitor will know how to get in touch with you or locate your office. The rest, you can leave it to the imagination of your visitors.
  3. Too much ads that are also in the wrong places are also one big mistake that you must avoid. It would not only make it confusing but also annoying for your visitors to navigate your website when ads are all over it. Pop-up pages are also among these. Don’t forget that too much graphics and animations especially irrelevant ones and videos that start playing automatically when your website has not fully loaded yet are also add-ons that makes your website load for like forty long years.
  4. Placing the search box in an unknown is also a common mistake many still are not able to avoid. If you visit a lot of websites, be it with a law firm website design or not, you will notice that most if these have its search box placed on the upper right side of the website. It’s good that you want your website to look a bit different but skipping this rule would be risky. You have to make sure that every visitor goes to your website is able to find what they are looking for. If you are not going to follow this common doing, at least place your search box in an area that is easy for the eyes to catch on.

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